Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Microsoft Office Applications:

1) Microsoft Word
Word is hands down the most useful application in the present word. From teachers to writers, business people to advertisers, everybody works on Word. You can make your document look more attractive by adding pictures, changing fonts, adding shadows, graphs, charts and what not. Collaborating with others in Word is easy.

2) Microsoft Excel
Excel is a fabulous program for calculation and data analysis. Even if you require Office for individual use, you can compose to-do lists, and maintain your family expense estimates on Microsoft Excel. You can also compute data and see the trends. You can also make 3D charts and graphs and insert shadows and colors in them.

3) Microsoft PowerPoint
If ones need to deliver a presentation, then they must definitely create it on Microsoft PowerPoint. On this app, one can add visual appeal and aesthetics to the presentation. Apply audio and optical accessories to adorn the slideshow. Users can also share the PPT in real-time with other individuals and get meaningful insight.

4) Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is primarily used to build basic database management systems. Access is pretty straightforward to work on, and it does not need intense training to learn it. As Microsoft Access is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, it integrates excellently with different Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

5) Microsoft Publisher
With Publisher, users can make marketing items material without needing to seek the guidance of a specialist. Even individuals who do not have a clue about graphic designing can produce professional-looking publications such as call letters, leaflets, business cards, circulars, etc. by utilizing the various templates available in Publisher.

6) Microsoft OneDrive
With OneDrive people can save their documents and files in a secure cloud server. Users can get access to their synchronized data from anyplace and via any device by either opening the app or going to the website. OneDrive stores a replica of all the records on its own. The data stored on OneDrive can be shared with anybody very easily.

Office Setup:

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